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Transform Your Drafty Basement Into a Cozy Retreat

Basement remodeling services in Libertyville, IL

Looking for a basement remodeling contractor in the Libertyville, IL area? Reach out to J Hughes Plumbing Services Inc. With over a decade of remodeling experience under our belt, we have the skills necessary to get the job done right.

No more dark and dreary basements with J Hughes Plumbing Services Inc. Since we are professional plumbers, we'll make sure your basement is free of any moisture and plumbing problems.

Why should you remodel your basement?

You basement doesn't have to be a cold, dark place where the water heater sits and unwanted belongings rest. Instead, it can become a fun and cozy space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come. Below are some reasons why you should start your remodeling project today:

Increase the value of your home. A fully furnished basement will boost your home's resale value.

Add more usable space. Your basement can become a laundry room, office, entertainment center or a playroom. The possibilities are endless.

Reduce energy costs. Your unfinished basement is most likely a drafty space. Refurbishing the area with proper insulation and energy-efficient fixtures will help lower energy costs.

Let's create a unique space for you in your Libertyville, IL home. Call now to schedule a basement remodeling consultation and to receive a free estimate.